Check out the online catalogue for a recent show at Numeroventi in Florence:

Thompson's work was featured in the exhibition Seeds for Future Memories involving a residence at Thread in Sinthian Senegal with the resulting exhibition in Berlin.

Thompson had a recent exhibition at Formato Comodo in Madrid called Black Posterity:

Thompson had a performance at FiveMyles Gallery in Brooklyn as a follow up to the Friskin' the Whiskers Project. The work is titled Pay Thunder No Mind

Thompson is the recipient of a 2015 Franklin Furnace Fund Grant and is developing the project Friskin' The whisker in collaboration with Jason Thompson, Bradly Dever Treadaway and local NYC Musicians and DJs.

Thompson is currently developing a new exhibition Get ready you mother... for Galeria Carles Taché Projects. The exhibition will take place in september and is being created in collaboration with the Museu Nacional De D'Arte de Catalunya in dialogue with the work of Jose Maria Sert. Get ready you mother... is an installation and performance that examines the theatrical justification of revenge and gestures of spiritual and physical protection.

Dark was the Night was recently presented for the Lights City Festival in Baltimore MD that took place in March 2016. The project is a collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway, Jason Thompson, David Page, Baltimore Fabrication, Matt Ludwig, The Reginald Lewis African American Museum's Archive, a Baltimore Bicycle Works and local singers.

Recent exhibition Oltre Città curated by Giacomo Bazzani was on view at the Villa la Magia. The new work there is the fruit of a collaboration with Andre Halyard, Frattelli Lunardi, Il Laboratorio, Torneria Peruzzi, Creazioni Divina and Falegname Fusti Michelacci. A catalogue is forthcoming.

May 29th the exhibition Resignifications curated by Awam Amkpa opens at three venues in Florence, Villa la Pietra, Galleria Biagiotti and Museo Bardini.
the exhibition is connected to an amazing line up of lecturers for the Black Portraiture Conference organized by Ellyn Toscano, Henry Louis Gates Jr, Awam Amkpa, Deborah Willis, Ulrich Baer, Robert Holmes and Manthia Diawara

May 26th Nero Su Bianco curated by Lyle Ashton Harris, Robert Storr and Peter Benson Miller opens at the American Academy of Rome

May 22nd the solo exhibition Moldy Figs in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason Thompson opens up at Momenta Art in Brooklyn.

May 12th Thompson inaugurated a new sculpture created in collaboration with Biscottificio Fratelli Lunardi, Torneria Peruzzi, Falegname Michelacci Fusti and Biancheria di Casa Creazioni Divina as a part of Fuori Expo in Milan. The project is part of an exhibition Oltre Città curated by Giacomo Bazzani that connects artistsworking in the region of Tuscany with artisans in the city of Quarrata.

March 28th Itinerarios opens at the Fundacion Marcelino Botin in Santander. A group exhibition of the 2013 grantees from the foundation.thompson is presenting one of my most complex projects to date, Captives, Buffoons and an Ensign Bearer:

March 5th New exhibition Sweet Excorcist opens at Texas A&M Corpus Christi's Weil Gallery. The exhibition is a collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway.

February 28th don't miss the opening of New American sculpture curated by Dexter Wimberly at Fivemyles Gallery in Brooklyn. A recent work done in Collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway will be on display.

January Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics an Exhibition in collaboration with Bradly dever Treadaway engaging the historic Brown v Board decision in Lansing at the RCAH of MSU

Two new sculptures included in the Group Exhibition Distrust that Particular flavor at Bitforms Gallery NYC curated by Dexter Wimberly

October 18th don't miss the performance Preface to 20 Voices for Paul Robeson commemorating Robeson and amiri Baraka in Newark at the Gateway Project

August 21st Thompson will presented his labor of love Fit the Battle at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. The project is in Collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason Thompson and supported by Salem Art Works. For more information

Thompson is a recipient of the 2013 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award

Look for a review from A Job Ain't Nothin' But Work with Kevin Jerome Everson curated by Andrew Smaldone in the Arte e Critica Magazine issue 78 by Francesco Lucifora

Thompson recently engaged in a collaborative residence at CAC Woodside in Troy, NY in January 2014 with Bradly Dever Treadaway. Together, they realized a new work Hand For a Hand that is Forthcoming.

Recent Review on Brutus Jones at Socrates Sculpture Park:

Thompson presented the project Hide Beaters March 29th 2014 at the auditorium of the Reina Sofia as a part of the sound art festival In-Sonora in Madrid. The work is in collaboration with Jason Thompson, Javier Santamaria Muniz, Sonia Gutierrez Franco and many others.

Thompson has a major forthcoming performance in Peekskill, NY Summer 2014 titled Fit the Battle. The project is a commemoration and celebration of Paul Robeson in dialogue with the 65th Anniversary of the 1949 Peekskill Riots. The piece is in collaboration with the Peekskill Public School System, Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason Thompson.

Thompson is a 2013 Emerging Artist Fellow at Socrates Sculpture Park where he created the sculpture and performance Brutus Jones in residence this July. The exhibition of new fellows opened September 8th and will be on view through March. A performance Based vdeo is forthcoming in 2014.

Thompson recently presented his first solo exhibition in Spain at Formato Comodo in Madrid with an opening performance, Heel Tap, Friday September 20th.

Thompson is a 2013 recipient of a Grant from the Fundacion Marcelino Botin in Santander, Spain.

Thompson recently presented a new installation with an artist collective Ridicolo Grupo at Palazzo Lucarini in Trevi, Italy July 13th. The project Correspondencia is part of a series of interventions with the group since thier founding in 2009.The performance Joshiua can be found on this site.

Thompson was recently part of a group exhibition Finte Nature at the Mac,n in Monsumanno Terme curated by Giacomo Bazzani, that highlights young artists operating in and pushing beyond Tuscanny.

Thopson presented a peformance piece for a crowd of 25,000 at Flux Night in Atlanta GA by curator Helena Reckitt. The project, Traveling Shoes in Collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway, Stefanie Nelson, Jason Thompson and with the participation of Frog and Toad's Dixie Quartet as well as members of the Grady High School Band was presented October 5th as a roaming performance.

Other forthcoming projects include The Blackamoor Project curated by Awam Amkpa for NYU's Florence Campus, and Sweet Exorcist in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway for the Weil Gallery in Corpus Christi.

Tossin' the Rag, Thompson's performance based video made in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway, Jason Thompson and Stefanie Nelson was included in a screening, Through the Lens of the Blues Aesthetic curated by Kevin Jerome Everson at the Whitney Museum of American Art on April 25th at 7PM.