PrimerForWellWater_Trailer from Bradly Dever Treadaway on Vimeo.

Primer for Well Water is an installation and performance in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason Thompson that examines the social cleansing and eroding powers of water. Drawing its title from allusions to Robert P. T. Coffins celebration of American Culture in his Primer for America and from Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem Primer for Blacks, the piece takes an interdisciplinary approach to collective and specifically documented identities from Afro American and Euro American inheritance, providing a primer for considering the US’s cultural inheritance.

Musical Director - Jason Thompson

Project Producer/Conductor - Katie Waugh

Archivists - Elizabeth Ingham, Carley Legg, Luna Kolz, Shalisa Chang, Abena Poku

BDT's Crew on Videography - Regina Aguragh, Tim Frazier, Alaina Kelahan, Alex Torea, Tegan Watson

Musicians: Kim Brighn - Viola, Laura Campbell - Flute, Courtney Fesko - Flute, Katelyn Moore - Tenor Sax, Jenn Richardson - Cello, Chris Tinozzi - Trombone

Dancers - Taylor Babb, Jeanne Goddard, Bethany Gore, Jasmine Milton, Mariah Thurston,

Mold Maker - Tyler Bischoff
Well Cranker - Jen Thompson
Art Student Contributors - Talyor Babb, Kim Brighton, Jazmine Ferguson, Tyler Francis, Mariaelena Garcia, Brittany Haigh, Elizabeth Ingham, Luna Kolz, Katelyn Moore, Abena Poku, Katherine Puello, Katelyn Costello, Juelle Dixson, Alaina Kelahan, Melissa Molina, Tegan Watson,
Student Art Gallery Staff - Regina Agoruah, Shalisa Chang, Mariaelena Garcia, Katelyn Moore, Abena Poku, Rebecca Rodas, Yakeima Simma
Special Thanks to: Gerardo Cummings, Dan Wentworth, Scott Laffer, Dana Skinner, Joe Dyson, Brian Brown, Arthur Fritz, Joe DeForrest, Jeanne Goddard, Elizabeth Ingham, The Ingham Family, Alex Torea
Special Thanks to: Wells College, The Thompson Family, International Center of Photography