(::::)Watermelon Theatre is a installation and performance based on the flow of cultural enlightenment and its unidirectional scope. The piece pulls from the comedy Misanthropy in Society by Vincenzo Martini, father of Ferdinando Martini , from the service kitchen of the Villa Martini and from Ferdinando’s historic role in the ‘Eritrea Italiana’s Slavery of Love’. Misanthropy in Society is a love story about the philosophical lack of trust in humanity and the power of the brain over the heart. The piece uncovers the false claims of this philosophy, which masqueraded as the future of society and the fatal blow to the ‘gentelman’.

The performance was done at the Mac,N in Monsummano Terme curated by Giacomo Bazzani incollaboration with Almaz and Franco of the restaurant Corno D'Africa, Michela Masiniof the Accademia Musicale della Valdinievole and violinist Savino Pantone who contributed recordings from an original Jason Thompson composition.